Live Integrated Vendor Stock Availabilility and Price Updates

Does using multiple aftermarket distributors make stocking and reordering complicated? Are you manually entering in new part numbers every time you receive an order? Do you end up with the identical part in your stock room from multiple aftermarket and OEM suppliers? Are you looking for a parts cataloging system that will let you cross-reference parts from one supplier to another? Do you have obsolete parts that were really just replaced with new numbers?

Topline RV has spent the last few years perfecting systems who assist you organizing and retreiving all of these parts. If your distributor produces a "price disk", we can import all the current parts and prices into the software. Currrent retail and cost are available on your local screen. Stock quantities and reorder points can be established for "stock" parts. All other part numbers are left as "non-stock", but can be retrieved as needed. Our sofisticated system then evaluates each item to see if it is the exact same item you previously purchased from another supplier. You can then combine them into one primary part number and adjust your entire quantity on hand. If STAG were your primary supplier, but at some point you bought the same part but Coast was running a special, you can receive the Coast part and then convert it to a STAG part for your inventory counts. At the same time, you can buy a converter from Forest River for warranty replacement, but keep the exact same converter in retail packaging from STAG. You could still "borrow" from either side if needed, but it would separate the cost of the factory part for warranty recovery from the aftermarket part for resale. Multiple bin locations or dealership locations can be set up to keep track of all your available inventory. Uniform shelving and package lables with barcodes can be produced directly from the software.