Tablet based Technician Labor Efficiency Tracking

Is your shop full of people and payroll, but you are not really sure if they are making you money? Are you able to calculate how much it cost you to have your hourly people work on a specific job? Do you have a lot of floating or lot people that are much needed, but hard to track? Does it sometimes seem that there are too many people working on one unit? Do you suspect that a lot of your shop staff has the ability to "look" busy, but may actually not be accomplishing very much?

There is just no way to tell exactly what everyone in your shop is doing at any particular time. That type of mico-managing would be both inefficient and degrading. The most effective way to deal with this issue is to simply have everyone clock in and out of a job or project. It forces everyone to be accountable for their time. Flat rate techs need to do this anyway. They and you know if they are making money. Hourly workers are much harder to manage. They can be pulled off one repair job and told to help with a PDI. A newer tech may keep calling over a more experienced tech for advise. We have devised many ways to keep track of what everyone does all day. A lot of what you may learn, is that some people simply need more supervision than others. They are not lazy, they just don't know what to do next. This information is also very helpful in the review process. Topline RV was designed by people working in the RV industry. Let us assist you in developing policies and procedures to better manage your labor force