Sales, Service and Parts Management Reports

Is it like "pulling teeth" to get someone to give you hard numbers for their department? Are you struggling to tell how much money you really just made on that sale? Is your building full of parts, but you are not sure what they go to or where they are going? Do you need a better way to manage your floorplan and see what it is actually costing you at the time of a sale? Would it be helpful to have a "Magic Button" that you could push and see all of the information on one screen?

Effective management reporting is one of the most needed tools for an RV Dealer. Looking at the bank balance may have worked OK when times were great, but that time is over. We need to be as efficient as possible in EVERY area; sales, service, parts & warranty recovery. Sales may be the driving force to your dealership, but parts, service & warranty recovery can certainly break you. Let Topline RV show you were your payroll is actually going. We can show you exactly where your RV or parts inventory is at any time. You can then decide which RV lines are turning quickly enough to make sense and which ones lost money because of aging and excessive floorplan. You will be able to see how much money is tied up in parts, what your profit margin in on repair tickets, where you are with warrarnty recovery & which salespeople are really making money for you. Most importantly, you need to know if this thing, your business, is really going to make it. If you stay pro-acitive and keep track of all aspects of your dealership, you will increase of not only staying in business, but increasing your profitablity and overall efficiency!