Mobile Auto and RV Repair Software

Topline Mobile Auto and RV Repair Software
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    If you do mobile service and repair on autos and RVs, then our ShopOrder Mobile is the way to go. 

    What does it Do?

    • Runs on Android, Ipad and Windows Mobile Devices
    • Operates just like the Windows 7 (PC) version.
    • Create Invoices and Work Orders in the field, print them and Collect on them with our integrated credit card system.
    • Check your suppliers inventories (currently Stag and NTP/Keystone only)
    • Order the Parts for the customer and collect the deposit on site.
    • You can also use it to clock in your techs in the field.
    • If lose the device, your data is safe on the cloud.
    • Nothing to install, its already built into every tablet made.
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    Mobile Auto and RV Repair Software
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    Picture of Mobile Auto and RV Repair Software Cash Sales
    Mobile Auto and RV Repair Software Cash Sales
    Counter Sales with Complete Point of Sale Interface The Cash Sales Module allows you to quickly create a cash sale without creating a complete work order. This is a real time saver for over the counter parts or sales out of your retail store. Credit card swipers, electronic cash draws, wired & wireless bar code scanners are available from us or you can purchase your own.
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    Mobile Auto and RV Repair Software Repair Orders
    The Repair Orders module is where all the work is done. This module stores all the customer info, vehicle info, in-service dates and warranty information. The service tickets are set up the same way as the original printed work orders and very similar to the format for warranty claims. A customer issue is added at the top and is assigned a number. The labor times and descriptions are listed below. The parts for that line are listed at the top left. Each line is assigned a payment account such as customer-pay, internal, factory warranty, private warranty, insurance claim etc. Each line can be billed out separately or as a group. Open warranty claims can be tracked, even thought the customer has already paid their portion of the ticket. Special order parts can be added and paid for, even though they have not yet been received. All stages or work can also be tracked through the Calendar module.
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    Mobile Auto and RV Repair Software Scheduling
    The Calendar module keeps track of all aspects of the shop work flow. The calendar is actually attached to the work orders, so you can change completion dates on the work order and have it move on the calendar. And we know how important it is to keep track of "needed by" dates. You can set your calendar to just show you work that needs to be completed in the next few days, so you can be sure that the customer isn't at the counter and their camper is still out back and untouched! The calendar can schedule by bays, techs, departments or any method that works well for you. Even if you use "Virtual Bays" as many of us don't really have 12 bays to work with. Your PDI crew, hitch guys, soft techs, hard techs etc can each see work that is scheduled for them. This also prevents the sales units from overpowering your warranty and customer pay work. You can have a meeting to discuss whether it is really feasable to do a certain amount of deliveries in any given day AND get customer pay and warranty work back to the customers as promised.
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