Mobile Tech Time Clock for Employee Efficiency Tracking

Are you struggling with ways to keep you employees accountable for their time? Have you let people go for poor performance and attendance issues, only to lose an unemployment claim due to lax policy issues? Do you have expectation for your people that may not be properly communicated to them? Do you have an Employee Handbook that clearly states the rights of your employees, expectations, job descriptions, drug & alcohol policies, along with vacation & sick leave?

The best Dealership Management System is only as good as the people that are working within it. The only way for any existing or new system to work is by making sure that the expections of the system and those who are using it are clearly spelled out. Each employee needs to know exactly what is expected from them and how they are being evaluated. Everyone needs to have a supervisor who they can go to for advise, direction or with concens. If an employee never really have a job description and is doing their best to appear efficient, how can you tell them they are not doing their job properly. Let the consulting team at Topline RV assist you with a personel & policy program that makes sense for the size and scope of your business. This becomes even more important when we have a lot of "relatives" working with us! Do your best to hold everyone to the same standards and you will have a more productive and engaged workforce. Appreciation & job fullfillment is almost always listed as a more important reason for staying at a job than just the money. Regular performance reviews will let your people know where they stand and that they are valued