Sales Delivery and Service Shop Scheduling

Does your current shop scheduler only tell you when a job is being dropped off and not when it need to be completed. Are you looking for a scheduling system that is referencing departments and not just people? Do you routinely have jobs that tie up a bay and people for a week or more? Are you trying to find out exactly what your shop staff does all day? Do you need a better way to figure out exactly what is going on with all the service units parked behind the bulding?

RV Dealership Shop Scheduler

Most shop scheduling systems are designed for the automotive industry, where a repair is done in a day by one tech. Also, most of the parts needed in automotive are available that day or the next day. The RV industry is much more complicated than that. Very rarely do we do a same day repair for a "waiter". Ordering repair parts from an OEM is not usually an automated process and the parts may not show up for weeks. Also, we are running two completely different businesses in the shop. We have one business that services the sales department and another that works on everything else. But, we are most likely using the same people and the same bays. Sales is urgent while regular repair work and warranty are soon. Without an organized way to keep track of all this, we end up with a serious problem commonly referred to as "screamers". People who have been waiting months for their camper to be repaired and show up to find it still not finished. Or, a sales customer who shows up for delivery to find out that their satellite or slide toppers weren't installed. Topline has one of the best scheduling programs in the business, specifically designed with the RV industry in mind. It has a call log to keep track of all customer contacts. Appointments and promised dates can be adjusted right off the work order.