Topline Auto and RV Dealership Sales Manager Enterprise

Manage Your Entire Auto or RV Dealership's Sales Force with our Enterprise Sales Manager
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    All good software products should have the basic features that allow you to run your business. Vehicle inventory and sales reports, printing Bills of Sale and reports and tracking accounts receivable should be in every software product that is designed for dealers, but the ability to present the data in a convenient and efficient format to the owners and managers is another story.

    Our Sales Manager Tool was designed from the ground up to work the way you work. The developers of this product have been in the RV, Marine, Automotive sales and service industry for over 30 years. We know what tools you need to sell, service and market in today's competitive economy.

    The presentation of your inventory to your prospective customer as well as to your sales force is the key to selling your units. Our Sales Manager Tool has a very user- friendly interface that allows you to get to all the important information and view it the way you need with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    The Internet has become an important tool for customers and they may have more information about your unit than your sales staff. You can use this to your advantage by keeping your website updated with current pictures and information about your inventory and at the same time bridge the information gap between your customers and sales staff. Sales Manager will upload all your pictures and stock info to your website with a click of a button along with several other features.


    The tracking of your sales, inventory and accounts after the sale is very important. The system helps you to know who bought what vehicle, when they bought it and when they are due to make payments. When you know all this it will help you to make the correct buying decisions.


    The Finance module allows you to create and store a deal for a prospective customer. You can help them decide on a particular unit, calculate a desired payment and if they decide to get it, you can transfer the deal to Work in process. You can print an amortization and potential deal washout from this module, just to see if it is a good deal for all involved. The profit on the deal is displayed in a hidden field that you can access at any time from the same screen you are doing the deal on.


    The Deals module is where all the work is done. This module stores all the customer info, vehicle info, insurance, liens, trades, warranty, Add-ons, prints all the forms and contracts and calculates and stores the deal financial info and washouts. Most of the forms can be printed on plain paper and on a regular printer, some may still need to be printed on the Dot Matrix style, i.e. multi-part long contracts.


    The History module stores every deal you do and links current account info as well as vehicle info. One screen gives you all the info you need. The link to accounts and inventory shows you exactly where you are on the deal based on repairs and expenses as well as payments received. Deals can be recalled and reprinted as well as their status changed, i.e. Totaled, Repossessed, etc.


    The Accounts module is the key to running a profitable Buy Here Pay Here business. This module tracks every detail on a customer account. Information such as when they are due, last payment, current balance, payoff, days late, insurance lapses, status, credit information and so much more. You can print a variety of built in or custom reports and forms such as account list, late lists, receipts and statements. Payments and expenses are accepted and tracked from this same module. When the day is done, you can print a daily closeout and balance the drawer.


    The Prospects module allow you to store information about what a customer wants and can afford. You buyers or sales staff can then look for that particular unit and call the customer when they have found it.


    The Credit module stores and prints detailed credit and reference information about your customer. When its time to find a unit for repossession or just find out where someone works or worked, lives or lived or even where their grandmother lives, this is the module. Many secondary lenders require this information along with payment history when they are considering buying your paper. There is also a built in link to Equifax and Dealertrack for obtaining credit reports. These reports can be saved in the Credit module for later reference.


    The many integrated analysis and reporting features of Topline RV Dealer Sales Manager will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business on a daily basis.


    The Sales Analysis module generates a month by month list that breaks down all the details of your business and also shows an average and total for each line item detail. This module shows total sales in dollars and units for Financed, Cash and wholesale sales as well as over 100 other line items. These figures can be graphed, printed and exported to Ms Excel.


    The Customer Demographics module will show you where your customers are coming from based on City or Zip. This is very helpful when you are trying to decide where and when to advertise. You can graph, print or export this data for more analysis or comparison.


    The Marketing module lets you keep your current customers in touch using letters, labels, post cards, and MS Mail Merge.


    The Vehicle Sales Analysis module allows you to see which makes, models, years, styles, classes and type of vehicles you are selling and when. You can graph, print or export this data for more analysis or comparison


    The data that Topline RV Dealer Sales Manager stores can be exported to a variety of formats including Comma Separated Values, Standard Data Format and MS Excel for analysis.


    This software is multi-user and network ready, it is also constantly being upgraded to include many of the requests that we receive from our clients.


    If you are a QuickBooks user, you can export deals, customers, inventory, payments, expenses and deposits directly from our system. The integrated report builder will allow you to create, save, edit and print a variety of reports based on your data.


    Software Features



    • Quick deal wizard with a step by step process to sell a unit
    • A finance deal worksheet to setup a deal for a unit sale
    • Build Account amortization table and print
    • Print coupon books and Payment Schedules
    • Create your own forms and contracts
    • Print and edit all your forms and Contracts
    • Take in unlimited trades per deal
    • Print deal recaps and Washouts
    • Desired payment calculator
    • Track complete deal history and Account Status
    • Comply with the OFAC Blocked list verification
    • Print and store quotes for Customers
    • Track credit information
    • Integrated custom credit scoring System
    • Equifax integration
    • Dealertrack integration
    • Track We-Owes and services
    • Track add-ons and repairs on sold units



    • Customer prospecting, Wish list
    • Marketing letters, postcards, labels, Mail Merge
    • Palm Pilot export
    • Demographics analysis by City and Zip
    • Reminder list, To Do List
    • Universal Contact List



    • Daily Cash drawer closeout
    • Buy Here Pay here account tracking
    • Cash drawer support
    • Receipt printer support
    • Print Customers statements
    • Calculate Customer payoffs
    • Print and Track payment history
    • Insurance Lapse tracking
    • Track Buy Here Pay Here, Cash , wholesale, outside finance Deals
    • Custom late payment list
    • Track expense Balances
    • Track account balances
    • Track days late
    • Tracked account list
    • Customer account aging



    • User editable on the fly
    • User defined custom
    • Over 80 built in reports
    • Custom report builder



    • Simple Intuitive Inventory Screens
    • Repairs & expenses tracking
    • Pictures up to 7 with zoom
    • Enhanced VIN decoding
    • Print and Edit window stickers
    • Vehicle Sales Analysis
    • Print and Edit buyers guides
    • Filtered inventory views
    • Internet vehicle research
    • Service tracking work orders
    • Floorpan tracking
    • Vehicle condition tracking
    • Sold unit tracking
    • Custom unlimited vehicle option lists
    • Track Vehicle By Locations
    • Vendor detail and analysis
    • Warranty sales analysis
    • Insurance company analysis
    • Print and Edit vehicle info sheet with Pictures and Options
    • Track units by class, type, length for RV dealers




    • Website inventory updates with options and pictures
    • Full asp Website support
    • Integrated FTP
    • Autotrader upload
    • RVUSA upload
    • RV America upload
    • RV Trader Upload



    • Enhanced Customizable QuickBooks export
    • Sales invoice detail
    • Track purchases
    • Track Expenses
    • Track inventory
    • Extended detail
    • Class tracking
    • Account number support
    • Sub account support
    • Accounts receivable
    • Payments
    • Deposits
    • Excel Export
    • CSV, delimited export
    • Detailed sales analysis
    • Graphing



    • Integrated backup
    • User level security
    • Workstation configuration
    • Online software upgrades
    • Online support
    • Integrated screen level help
    • Multi-user-network ready
    • Terminal service enabled
    • Integrates with our Service Software
    • Audit trail, deleted records tracking
    • Runs Great on Windows 7 and Windows 8 
    • Add-on module support, custom design



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