Extended Service Contract and Manufacturer Warranty Processing

Do you know that you have warranty money that is owned to you, but not collected? Do you feel that you may be spending more on your warranty recovery person than they are bringing in? Does your current software let you separate and track multiple warranty items on a ticket that also has internal and customer pay items. Are you struggling to tell if and when a claim has been paid? Are you loosing warranty money because a part wasn't returned or the claim wasn't submitted properly?

Warranty recovery has to be one of the really sore spots of running an RV dealership. Reality is, we have to get money back from warranty repairs. The factories rarely want to pay us what the repair cost us. They don't want us to start the work until it is approved and we now have a bay that is tied up waiting. All aspects of the warranty claim need to be done properly and recorded if we want to operate and efficient and profitable warranty department. Topline RV was specifically created to deal with the complexities of warranty submission and recovery for RV dealerships and repair centers. At any time, you can see exactly how much warranty work was done, if the claim was submitted, when it was approved or denied & whether the parts were returned. Ultimately you will be able to see where you system needs to be tweaked or revised. Many small claims can add up to big dollars, but only if the system is efficient. A loss on a large claim that was denied due to a lack of authorization or timely submission can put a big dent into your overall department profitablility. Our trained RV specialist can help you to get an effective system that will let you and your warranty recovery team know exactly were they are on each claim and as a department as a whole.