Topline Software - FAQ


Below are answers to common questions about purchasing and using Topline Software.


Who can buy it?

Topline Software Products are available to customers of NTP-STAG/Keystone with an active account number.  If you are interested in Topline and don't currently have a NTP-STAG/Keystone account, we can direct you to a new account application form.  Topline has been customized and priced to assist NTP-STAG & Keystone Automotive customers. Not a customer? Apply here.


Is it on the cloud or do I install it on my PC?

With Topline, you can choose between a local server or cloud hosting.  With a local server, the Topline program will be installed on your dedicated server giving you a system that will run and store data on-site.  Local servers must meet the minimum requirements listed on the HARDWARE page of this site and it is suggested that an I.T. Support specialist is available to support any non-Topline related server issues.  Local servers require the user to back up the system and maintain network connectivity.   Please contact us for more information about your options.


Does it work on Mobile Devices?

Topline offers multiple mobile application modules for various purposes.  Please reach out to a Topline sales representative to learn more. 


How much does it cost?

Topline programs are conservatively priced to extend our relationship and enhance the customer experience with our existing NTP-STAG/Keystone customer base.  We will be happy to get a quote to you after understanding more about your business and software needs.  


Do you come to our place to train our staff?

Experience has taught us that the most productive and effective way to train your staff is through interactive web sessions. This method is both convenient and affordable to our customers. A Topline technician can provide live training to your staff without the hassle of travel. Training sessions are scheduled one to two times weekly and are typically one hour in length but can be adjusted accordingly to fit your needs. 


Can we bring over our customer information and work order history?

Our technical team has years of experience in importing data from other programs.  Each system and situation is different so there is no guarantee that all of your data can be migrated to Topline, but we can review your current system and advise you before you make a purchase.  Usually customer information, basic invoice totals (without specific line item details) &  parts inventory can be migrated.


How long does it usually take to get up and running?

There are many factors which can affect the time it takes to migrate the data from your legacy system and be adequately trained:  amount and complexity of data to be migrated, your staff’s familiarity with shop and point-of-sale software systems, & the type of Topline system that has been purchased.  Typically, it takes several weeks to a month or two to be ready to go-live with your Topline system.  If you and your team commit to the onboarding/training schedule, things should progress smoothly.  Our Topline team will do everything we can to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.


How do I get help if I need it after the sale?

The Topline technical support team is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 5 PM Eastern time.  Voicemails are monitored during off-hours and on weekends in case an urgent issue is reported.  In the case of an urgent, off-hours issue, a support technician will return your call and assist within a reasonable amount of time.

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